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The Government, at the session last Wednesday, and at the proposal of the Minister of Social Affairs, Justice and Home Affairs, Xavier Espot, approved the Decree approving the Regulation governing the organic structure of the Police Corps.
Think of the bouquets one would make at home - a mix of variety and an organic structure.
For the viewer, this mutes the dynamism of the gestural marks in favor of a delicate, organic structure.
Problems in Organic Structure Determination: A Practical Approach to NMR Spectroscopy
Commenting on restructuring due to take place at the CBC itself, Georghadji said a study by outside experts was focusing on three areas; the organic structure of the Central Bank, its internal procedures and standard practices, human resources and governance issues.
Therefore, in organizations with mechanical structure compared to organizations with organic structure the incidence of corruption is more likely.
For Aquinas, "a living body becomes human when and only when it has an organic structure that is able to support all the functions of the soul.
Torralba said a church should be an organic structure that respects the past by having continuity with it, a structure that is contemporaneous but with a heritageconscious design.
Schedule an informal meeting or lunch with the CFO or VP of Tax to discuss the general functions and organic structure.
Peace with the Kurds would improve relations between Turkey and northern Iraq who would then convert these relations into an organic structure.
Fabricated in curved panels, they provide protection from the sun while creating a shimmering organic structure and identity.
In contrast to the sculptor, Louise Nevelson, who began working in the 1930s, Kurtz goes more for the origins of the material--the kind of wood, the smell and appearance of the trees, and the intrinsically organic structure of the twisted or extended linear shapes.