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Adj.1.organicistic - relating to or tending toward organicism
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Na sessao 2(E), cujo tema foi PRM--Project Management, a moderacao ficou a cargo de Eneida Rios para coordenar as apresentacoes dos seguintes trabalhos: RISKS IN SOFTWARE PROJECTS: A BIBLIOMETRIC STUDY de Daniel de Lima Pires e Marcos Paixao Garcez; IMPLEMENTATION OF A CENTRAL SERVICE: TRANSFORMING THE LIGHT OF THE MECHANISTIC AND ORGANICISTIC METAPHOR de Gilberto Francisco de Oliveira, Angelica Aparecida Gheller, Roque Rabechini Jr.
Saying, as Nancy indeed does, that community is not a being common, but the way of being in common by an existence devoid of essence or coinciding with its essence, really means to be done with an organicistic and particularistic tradition that seems to regrow constantly from its ashes.
Without resorting to vitalist or organicistic (the idea of the superorganism) interpretations, which belong to the past, and without invoking any sort of vital principle or animism, the fact is that living matter shows special features that cannot be reduced readily to their physical components.