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a. The act or process of organizing: The organization of the photos did not take long.
b. The state or manner of being organized: The organization of the files could be improved.
c. A manner of accomplishing something in an orderly or efficient way: Your project was hampered by your lack of organization.
a. A group of persons organized for a particular purpose; an association or business.
b. The administrative personnel of such a structure: contacted the organization with his complaint.

or′gan·i·za′tion·al adj.
or′gan·i·za′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.organizationally - with regard to organization; "organizationally, the conference was a disaster!"
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Jeddah, Muharram 14, 1439, October 04, 2017, SPA -- A royal order was issued today establishing a fund called "National Development Fund" which is organizationally linked to the Prime Minister.
We can't be successful if our NSAs are weak organizationally,' said Araneta.
Contract award notice: the free and hanseatic city of hamburg (fhh), represented by the central procurement body of the authority of the interior and sport (zvst bis) - organizationally connected with the hamburg police plans on behalf of the hamburg police to conclude a contract for the supply and integration of a mission workplace in connection with a video and thermal imaging camera for the two helicopters of police hamburg.
Periodic financial audits, program and project evaluations and institutional assessments have consistently shown that D&P was well managed, organizationally and financially, and very capable of achieving results" for the government's Canadian International Development Agency, said the briefing document.
Minister of State of Home Affairs Mullappally Ramachandran, who informed this in a written reply to a question by Tarachand Bhagora in the Lok Sabha today, said there are reports that the United Liberation Front of Asom/Anti-talk (ULFA/AT) faction continues to consolidate organizationally and strengthen its military capability for carrying out violent activities in different parts of Assam, with a view to maintain its dominance as well as create fear psychosis to facilitate extortion.
He added that "they do not feel any connection with the Movement leadership, either organizationally or financially".
This study examined the differences between self-employed and organizationally employed individuals in Canada (N=248) and Pakistan (N=306) with regard to quality of work and nonwork life (QWNWL).
The study's lead author, Don DeMoro, director of the organizationally affiliated Institute for Health and Socio-Economic Policy, said this is why direct healthcare expenditures have a more powerful impact on the overall economy than purchases of private health insurance would.
As a result if his struggle and caliber he was elected as the Secretary General and became the dynamo for the party politically and organizationally.
Although few people disagree with the basic strategies and objectives of ECR, the argument against it says that organizationally, most manufacturers and retailers are simply not structured or trained to fully implement ECR today.
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