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 (ôr′gə-nō-jĕn′ĭ-sĭs, ôr-găn′ə-)
n. pl. or·gan·o·gen·e·ses (-sēz′)
The formation and development of the organs of living things.

or′gan·o·ge·net′ic (-jə-nĕt′ĭk) adj.
or′gan·o·ge·net′i·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Biology) the formation and development of organs in an animal or plant
2. (Biology) Also called: organogeny the study of this process
organogenetic adj
ˌorganogeˈnetically adv
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(ˌɔr gə noʊˈdʒɛn ə sɪs, ɔrˌgæn oʊ-)

the development of bodily organs.
or`ga•no•ge•net′ic, adj.
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organogenesis, organogeny

the origin and growth of organs. — organogenetic, organogenic, adj.
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n. organogénesis, desarrollo y crecimiento de un órgano.
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Commercially, micropropagation of anthurium occurs by indirect organogenesis; however, this approach is prone to somaclonal variation (PINHEIRO et al., 2009).
Para generar soluciones mas cercanas al proceso normal de organogenesis, las herramientas de ingenieria y ciencias de la vida se combinan para desarrollar sustitutos bioartificiales de organos y tejidos que, a su vez, pueden aplicarse en medicina regenerativa y odontologia para promover el crecimiento celular y estimular la regeneracion de los tejidos.
No malformations were observed in pregnant rats and monkeys exposed to meropenem during organogenesis. Vaborbactam did not cause embryo-fetal harm in rats but did cause a low incidence of malformations in rabbits.