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n. organomegalia, agrandamiento de los órganos viscerales.
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Abdomen was soft and non-tender with no organomegaly and normal bowel sounds.
The variables studied were abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, third space fluid accumulation, bleeding manifestations, organomegaly, liver abscess, and skin rashes.
Physical examination revealed paleness, painful movement in the right hip joint and lack of organomegaly. Laboratory studies showed leukocytosis of 93.000/[mm.sup.3], hemoglobin of 9.9 g/dL, and a platelet count of 117.000/[mm.sup.3].
Repeat ultrasound of the abdomen showed near resolution of the organomegaly.
Citing organomegaly in most of the reports, but no comparison with normal weights for age was done, as one example,' he noted.
There were no ascites, dilated abdominal wall veins, spider nevi, organomegaly, peripheral edema, and finger clubbing that are suggestive of chronic liver disease.
Her abdomen was relaxed, she had no tenderness or organomegaly. An examination of the other systems was found to be normal.
There was no organomegaly. Initial laboratory studies revealed a white blood cell (WBC) count of 3x[10.sup.3]/[mm.sup.3] (normal range: 4.5x[10.sup.3]-11x[10.sup.3]), hematocrit level of 34.5%(normal range: 39.5-50.3%), and platelet count of 128x[10.sup.3]/[mm.sup.3] (normal range: 159x[10.sup.3]-388x[10.sup.3]).
Of the HHV-8 negative MCD (also named as idiopathic MCD [iMCD]), there is a peculiar subtype named TAFRO syndrome which constitutes a constellation of unique clinical manifestations (T: Thrombocytopenia, A: Anasarca, F: myelofibrosis, R: Renal dysfunction, and O: Organomegaly).
(1) Radiographically, there are many presentations of amyloidosis, such as diffuse or nodular intestinal wall thickening, organomegaly, left ventricular cardiac wall thickening, recurrent pneumonia in the same location, tree-in-bud and nodular pulmonary pattern, diffuse discontinuous bronchial wall calcifications, muscular hypertrophy (shoulder girdle is most common), synovial thickening, and focal mass mimicking neoplasm.
He was noted to be pale and irritable with generalised abdominal tenderness without organomegaly. He was admitted with a diagnosis of an abdominal sickle cell crisis.