organophosphate nerve agent

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Noun1.organophosphate nerve agent - any of a series of nerve agents containing organophosphate compounds first synthesized by German chemists in 1936; in World War II the Germans tested them in concentration camps but not on the battlefield; Iraq is alleged to have used them against Iran and against the Kurds
nerve agent, nerve gas - a toxic gas that is inhaled or absorbed through the skin and has harmful effects on the nervous and respiratory system
GB, sarin - a highly toxic chemical nerve agent that inhibits the activity of cholinesterase
GD, soman - a nerve agent easily absorbed into the body; a lethal cholinesterase inhibitor that is highly toxic when inhaled
GA, tabun - the first known nerve agent, synthesized by German chemists in 1936; a highly toxic combustible liquid that is soluble in organic solvents and is used as a nerve gas in chemical warfare
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A pinprick-sized drop of one organophosphate nerve agent, Sarin, is enough to kill.
Protexia(R) a novel bioscavenger to prevent and treat organophosphate nerve agent poisoning.
Bauman presented the results of his research using cyclosporin against organophosphate nerve agent injury to the NATO Task Group on Prophylaxis and Therapy Against Chemical Agents meeting in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic in May 2005.
He and his team have devised a polyurethane fiber mesh containing enzymes that lead to the production of bromine or iodine, which kill bacteria, as well as chemicals that generate compounds that detoxify organophosphate nerve agents.