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 (ôr′gə-nō-fŏs′fər-əs, -fŏs-fôr′əs, ôr-găn′ə-)
An organophosphate.

or′gan·o·phos′pho·rus, or′gan·o·phos′pho·rous adj.
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Organophosphorus compound poisoning is a major health problem not only in developing countries, but also in western countries.
(1) did a prospective study in 2011 in the Department of General Medicine, Government Medical College, Kolkata, India, studied 63 patients of organophosphorus compound poisoning to find out the level of creatine kinase and its prognostic significance.
Present study shows the importance of WHO staging of severity of Organophosphorus compound poisoning, as the mortality increases with severity.
The predominant mode of attempted suicide in our study has been organophosphorus compound poisoning with incidence of 57% followed by rat poisoning at 8% and hanging at 7% as third important mode.
So this serious condition needs rapid diagnosis, early and effective treatment and up gradation of the primary health centre facilities to render immediate management of Organophosphorus compound poisoning, this study also highlighted that early admission to hospital decreases mortality.
Organophosphorus compound poisoning (n=47.61%) leads the Table.
INTRODUCTION: Organophosphorus compound poisoning is a global problem and is a familiar medical emergency which is associated with high rate of mortality if not diagnosed and treated early.
Inclusion Criteria: A history of exposure to organophosphorus compound within previous 24 hours with characteristic clinical manifestations of organophosphorus compound poisoning.

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