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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an orgy.
2. Arousing or causing unrestrained emotion; frenzied.

[Greek orgiastikos, from orgiastēs, celebrant of orgies, from orgiazein, to celebrate orgies, from orgia, orgies; see orgy.]

or′gi·ast′ n.
or′gi·as′ti·cal·ly adv.


in the manner of an orgy
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As for the gross-out shows, they're mostly focused on food, with their big-bellied hosts flying all over the world to find the most orgiastically huge meals or smorgasbords-for gluttons only!
We ate shrimp tacos and got laughing drunk on tequila, then came home, smoked pot, and screwed orgiastically.
It forces philosophy to face its staid and stodgy frigidity as it is made orgiastically to bed down with its others: the sexually live body as hermeneutics, aesthetics, practice, knowledge, ethics, and bio-techno-ontotogy.
Postwar, the practice took on a psychedelic, futuristic cast, evolving into an "expanded cinema," typified by works like Kenneth Anger's triptych version of Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954), Barbara Rubin's orgiastically double-layered Christmas on Earth (1963).
Though what revolutionary potential will the barely surviving heterogeneous worker of the postsustainable, apocalyptic near future, athletic or not, be left with after orgiastically squandering his payday loan?