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A bay window projecting from an upper floor, often supported from below with corbels or brackets.

[Middle English, from Old French oriol, porch, from Medieval Latin oriolum.]


art at origen
(ˈɔr i əl, ˈoʊr-)

a bay window, esp. one cantilevered or corbeled out from a wall.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Anglo-French oriol porch, passage, gallery]


- A large, upper-story bay window, usually supported by brackets or on corbels.
See also related terms for supported.
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Noun1.oriel - a projecting bay window corbeled or cantilevered out from a walloriel - a projecting bay window corbeled or cantilevered out from a wall
bow window, bay window - a window that sticks out from the outside wall of a house


[ˈɔːrɪəl] Nmirador m

oriel (window)

nErker (→ fenster nt) m
References in classic literature ?
Behind us, two tall, shapely spruce trees rose up against the sunset, and through the dark oriel of their sundered branches an evening star looked down.
By the light of Our Lady's brow,'' said Prince John, ``our orders to him were most precise though it may be you heard them not, as we stood together in the oriel window Most clear and positive was our charge that Richard's safety should be cared for, and woe to Waldemar's head if he transgress it
You will find, however, Miss Morland, it would be reckoned a cheap thing by some people, for I might have sold it for ten guineas more the next day; Jackson, of Oriel, bid me sixty at once; Morland was with me at the time.
The large and spacious houses, with their oriel, latticed windows, their huge fireplaces, and their gabled roofs, breathe of the days of hose and doublet, of pearl-embroidered stomachers, and complicated oaths.