or O·ri·en·ta·li·a  (ôr′ē-ĕn-tā′lē-ə, -tāl′yə)
Things, especially decorative objects, produced in or associated with eastern Asia.
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Age of Exploration, East meets West II is about the fascination for orientalia and intricate detail.
Dealers were into Orientalia and after having glutted the US and European markets with Chinese, Korean and Japanese antiques, they started looking southeast and discovered Philippine primitive art.
That was in 1974, when Camaldolese Benedictine Father Cipriano Vagaggini published a dense scholarly paper in the Italian journal Orientalia Christiana Periodica.
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Chua fancied Swarovski and was building a crystal collection of limited edition pieces; they also had orientalia. However, they decided to acquire paintings of those they had first met like Galicano, Sym, Dans, Abueva and Alcuaz.
Coleoptera Mediterranea Orientalia, quae in Aegypto, Palaestina, Syria, Caramania atque Anatolia Occidentalia Anno 1904 collegerunt John Sahlberg et Unio Saalas [Beetles of the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, west Anatolia, and west Caramania, and a collection of John Sahlberg and Unio Saalas in 1904].
Michel Allard, "Ibn Bagga et la politique" Orientalia Hispanica sive studia F.
Kaneko's sets--pliant panel's and projections, with strong lines defining both (the latter with moving-crayon-like curves, horizontals, verticals and diagonals)--never impeded, always propelled, the storytelling; and his costumes managed just the right dose of stylized orientalia. And Silverstein never pushed the comic buttons too hard (despite a new, highly colloquial English version by Kelley Rourke that occasionally threatened to do so); he even managed to insert a few unobtrusive touches of 21st-century political correctness--a white-faced Mono-statos; a Pamina who takes charge for the trial by water--into Schikaneder's very biased text.
We are redefining gender." And she further makes her case by noting how, for example, Shanghai Moon, Busch's spoof of such Hollywood Orientalia as The Shanghai Gesture and The Letter, "takes Asian stereotypes and turns them on their ear."
Small black Chinese chests are ideal bedside tables, lamp tables or can be used under a console as storage boxes, so they're well worth seeking out if you like your home items to be compact, exotic and versatile SCRIMP: Black Lacquer Square Trunk PS120 from Orientalia, www.