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1. often Oriental Of or relating to the countries of the Orient or their peoples or cultures; eastern.
2. Oriental Biology Of or designating the biogeographic region that includes South Asia south of the Himalaya Mountains and Southeast Asia from southern China to Borneo.
3. Of or relating to the Oriental Orthodox Church.
4. Lustrous and valuable: oriental pearls.
a. Of or relating to a genuine or superior gem: an oriental ruby.
b. Relating to or designating corundum that resembles another stone in color.
n. often Oriental
1. Often Offensive An Asian, especially a South Asian, Southeast Asian, or East Asian.
2. A domestic cat of a breed developed in Britain from the Siamese and other breeds, having a long slender body and either a long or short coat in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

o′ri·en′tal·ly adv.
Usage Note: Oriental is now considered outdated and often offensive in American English when referring to a person of Asian birth or descent. While this term is rarely intended as an outright slur, and may even be thought polite by some speakers, it is so associated with stereotypical images of Asians as portrayed in the West during an earlier era that its use in ethnic contexts should be routinely avoided. However, Oriental retains a certain currency in referring to Asian arts, foods, and practices, such as traditional medical procedures and remedies, where it is unlikely to give offense.
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in an oriental manner
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They bore a general letter of introduction (the Babu salaamed to it orientally) to all Government officials.
Friday's programme also included Part's Fratres, where gentle arpeggios of a solo violin at the start herald decorative touches to an orientally inspired substructure.
[24] made orientally bioconjugated core/shell [Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4] @ Au magnetic through covalent attachment of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody.