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 (ôr′ē-ĕn-tāt′, -ən-)
v. o·ri·en·tat·ed, o·ri·en·tat·ing, o·ri·en·tates Usage Problem
To orient: "He ... stood for a moment, orientating himself exactly in the light of his knowledge" (John le Carré).
To face or turn to the east.
Usage Note: The use of orientate rather than orient is not uncommon, especially in British English, but it is strongly stigmatized in American English. Those who object to orientate sometimes justify their position by arguing that the -ate is a needless syllable, though one rarely hears similar objections to the use of illuminate rather than illumine. Whatever the reason, disapproval of orientate is strong. In our 2014 survey, 80 percent of the Usage Panel found On emerging from the subway station, I had to take a moment to orientate myself unacceptable, with a similar percentage disapproving of The architect orientated the building on an east-west axis and The building is orientated on an east-west axis.
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Adj.1.orientated - adjusted or located in relation to surroundings or circumstances; sometimes used in combination; "the house had its large windows oriented toward the ocean view"; "helping freshmen become oriented to college life"; "the book is value-oriented throughout"
orientating, orienting - positioning with respect to a reference system or determining your bearings physically or intellectually; "noticed the bee's momentary orienting pause before heading back to the hive"; "an orienting program for new employees"
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However, with other major DRAM manufacturers, such as Hitachi Ltd, migrating from the unprofitable memory chips to a more specifically consumer-chip orientated business, there is a danger of moving the kind of over capacity prevalent in the DRAM market into the consumer chip arena.
Many tasks that were paper orientated and labor intensive now have been converted to a computerized reporting system.
When we first started the KEI, the marketing was much more product orientated.
I hear the groans regarding compulsory mathematics but the less mathematically orientated child could choose a statistics option where the application of probability to real-life problems, investigation of variable dependence and variable dispersion (eg standard deviation) could be appreciated (statistics is an incredibly useful and practical discipline).
She is very food and toy orientated and could live with a family with sensible children.
The T-shaped building is orientated at a 45 degree angle to the north with the main entrance on the south-east corner.
At this point it is important to bear in mind that while other mini-MPVs have tried to straddle the middle ground between family orientated practicality and driveway kudos, the Multipla is unapologetically utilitarian.
The family orientated tours will be run between December 5 and December 14 every half and hour from 4.45pm.
Troll-Gott Konfekyr AB of Sweden is among the first confectionery companies to use an Ishida Flexible Packaging System (FPS) to present its retail customers with ready-to-use display cartons in which every bag is neatly ordered and correctly orientated. The new Ishida installation has also increased packing speeds by up to 80% and improved efficiency, while saving the labour costs associated with two manual packers.
A combination ofinterior and exterior space, light, sounds, smells, materials and furniture arrangement are orientated to allow the body to take in 'ch'i' - an energy that is all around us - so that it can function effectively.
Why is the pro-GM lobby so economically and quantitatively orientated? Because it is not morally/ethically and qualitively orientated.