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 (ôr′ə-flăm′, ŏr′-)
1. An inspiring standard or symbol.
2. The red or orange-red flag of the Abbey of Saint Denis in France, used as a standard by the early kings of France.

[Middle English oriflamble, banner of St. Denis, from Old French, variant of oriflambe, possibly from Medieval Latin aurea flamma, auriflamma (Latin aurea, feminine of aureus, golden, from aurum, gold + Latin flamma, flame; see flame) or alteration of Old French *lorie flambe (from Late Latin laurea flammula, laureled standard : Latin laurea, feminine of laureus, of laurel; see laureate + Latin flammula, banner, diminutive of flamma, flame).]


(Historical Terms) a scarlet flag, originally of the abbey of St Denis in N France, adopted as the national banner of France in the Middle Ages
[C15: via Old French, from Latin aurum gold + flamma flame]


(ˈɔr əˌflæm, ˈɒr-)

1. the red banner of St. Denis, near Paris.
2. any ensign, banner, or standard that serves as a rallying point or symbol.
[1425–75; late Middle English oriflam < Middle French oriflamme, Old French, =orie golden + flamme flame]
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Noun1.oriflamme - an inspiring symbol or ideal that serves as a rallying point in a struggleoriflamme - an inspiring symbol or ideal that serves as a rallying point in a struggle
symbolic representation, symbolisation, symbolization, symbol - something visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible; "the eagle is a symbol of the United States"
2.oriflamme - a red or orange-red flag used as a standard by early French kings
banner, standard - any distinctive flag
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe


Fabric used especially as a symbol:
References in classic literature ?
If I had my wish, it would be to fall so--not, mark you, in any mere skirmish of the Company, but in a stricken field, with the great lion banner waving over us and the red oriflamme in front, amid the shouting of my fellows and the twanging of the strings.
This concert also gives us the opportunity to once again collaborate with Oriflamme and conductor Antoine Mitchell.
Returning to the beginnings of Caxton in 1933, the first two publications, Oriflamme (April 1933) and Sirocco (July 1933) were both miscellanies of literature and social and political commentary.
In an ordinance concerning the coronation of his son Philip Augustus, it is declared that the mantle, the chaussures, and the oriflamme are to be sown with fleur-de-lis, as described by the poet Rigord:
The more votes our MPs can gain, the more their oriflamme, capability and credibility will be and they can work better," Supreme Leader said after casting his vote in the early hours of the run-off parliamentary elections in Iran on Friday.
It is, therefore, no wonder that the pioneer development economist's policies--namely, their denial of laissez faire as an oriflamme of international economic relations, their fervent advocacy of industrialisation post-haste by government-sponsored programme of import substitution and their emphasis on egalitarian change in private property rights--became the target of a virulent liberalist attack and vilification.
A Swedish cosmetic major Oriflamme announced that its Northeast market has grown by 50 percent.
Flames of marble, flames of Istrian stone, blaze at the mouths of the urns against the oriflamme of day Blaze of the noon on white travertine, pietra serena.
After deliberation, the Gallery decided not to repeat the St George motif, but instead to commission from Fremiet a new cast of his Jeanne d'Arc, a life-size equestrian statue depicting an armoured Joan of Arc holding aloft her oriflamme or war banner.
Field trips, led by nature experts, will include walks and hikes at various locations including Andreas, Palm and Oriflamme Canyons, plus The Living Desert.
Froissart describes Charny as `le plus preudomme et le plus vailant de tous les autres', (7) and fittingly he dies at Poitiers in 1356 holding and defending the Oriflamme of St Denis.
He fully understands MLM and Party Plan and has worked with major direct selling companies such as Tupperware, Stanhome, Jeunique, Oriflamme and many more.