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ornamentist, ornamentalist

1. an artist who specializes in ornamentation.
2. a person whose work is considered to be ornament rather than art.
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Noun1.ornamentalist - someone who decorates
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
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This superb exhibition, replete with mounted animals of the kind Post drew, displays the artist not as a mere ornamentalist but as a true draughtsman-naturalist.
Francis Palmer Smith, who arrived in the South in 1909, was never a Sullivanesque ornamentalist nor a Chicago School disciple on such explicit terms as Klutho, but he was clearly predisposed in his tall commercial architecture to what he described, in his "Modern Architecture" essay, as the tripartite phase of skyscraper development.
Sullivan's only competitor as an ornamentalist in the 1890s in America was Stanford White, who never wrote anything, and had no theorizing impulse, and who today seems the cleaner character for it.