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Of, relating to, or serving as an ornament or decoration.
Something that serves as ornamentation, especially a plant grown for its beauty.

or′na·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ornamentally - in an ornamental, nonfunctional manner
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Here he ceased; continuing to eye Miss Fanny through his glass, with a face much twisted, and not ornamentally so, in part by the action of keeping his glass in his eye, and in part by the great subtlety of his smile.
The rear garden is ornamentally laid out, with steps approaching a tiered higher lawn.
He had on an over-sized pink hat with multi-coloured tassels, a broad leather belt with large brass cups ornamentally attached to it, slung under his right arm.
If planting ornamentally, chose a decent centrepiece.
ornamentally and medically has a big name in science history.
And Reticulated Tureen, Stand and Ladle marries a small tureen, the lid of which is ornamented with a lace-like pattern of hearts, circles and ovals, a supporting plate ornamentally laced around the rim and a ladle that is entirely done in open-weave earthenware (and so consequently useless for lifting anything liquid).
They are wildlife specialists, not horticulturalists, they warn, so their ideas about using plants ornamentally in landscapes may be a little offbeat.
Her latest hobby was the fairly new American crafting past-time known as "scrapbooking" - creating elaborate photo albums from decorative and nostalgic materials - and Roger had bought Carol every type of vintage embellishment, ornamentally embossed craft-paper, along with the essential Tim Holtz gizmos, as well as the various tools that went with the new hobby.
Boreioglycaspis melaleucae was discovered in Los Angeles County (California, USA) in late 2009, feeding on ornamentally planted M.
The Evening Gazette at the time reported: "In laying out the park, the object kept in view has been to secure a series of graceful curves forming walks and avenues with raised mounds, at intervals ornamentally shaped and planted, to shield the grounds from inclement weather and cold winds.