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Of, relating to, or serving as an ornament or decoration.
Something that serves as ornamentation, especially a plant grown for its beauty.

or′na·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ornamentally - in an ornamental, nonfunctional manner
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'We happened last night to compare notes about our travels, and I had the information I have given you from Sparkler himself.' Here he ceased; continuing to eye Miss Fanny through his glass, with a face much twisted, and not ornamentally so, in part by the action of keeping his glass in his eye, and in part by the great subtlety of his smile.
I have been growing it since June, and it functions ornamentally as a perennial or even a small shrub, if only for one season.
Often called the penis pepper, it's one of the hottest varieties in the world and is mainly used ornamentally rather than for human consumption.
Immediately to the rear of the farm are ornamentally laid gardens which are wrapped around with ornamental lawns with planted borders and walling.
The petition asked was the high court declaration an academic exercise in wrongly and ornamentally interpreting public interest.
Eventually, kale was grown ornamentally, a well-known salad bar garnish.
This lengthy period can be somewhat attributed to environmental factors, but is mostly due to the fact that ornamentally planted trees represent many different cultivars from around the country.
'competitive necessity' for such aesthetically or ornamentally
It is moral duty to all of us that we must be put clean our land line with green trees that create a peaceful, ornamentally pleasing environment
Within the next circle, against a dark blue background, ornamentally decorated pairs of pigs, cows, chickens, and rats--all animals associated with domestication--are interspersed among figures of humans, posed as though engaged in traditional agrarian tasks.