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Of, relating to, or serving as an ornament or decoration.
Something that serves as ornamentation, especially a plant grown for its beauty.

or′na·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ornamentally - in an ornamental, nonfunctional manner
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Here he ceased; continuing to eye Miss Fanny through his glass, with a face much twisted, and not ornamentally so, in part by the action of keeping his glass in his eye, and in part by the great subtlety of his smile.
It is moral duty to all of us that we must be put clean our land line with green trees that create a peaceful, ornamentally pleasing environment
Another native deciduous holly is sometimes grown ornamentally.
Within the next circle, against a dark blue background, ornamentally decorated pairs of pigs, cows, chickens, and rats--all animals associated with domestication--are interspersed among figures of humans, posed as though engaged in traditional agrarian tasks.
Seashells, nautical antiques, washed-up timber, statues and even disused boats can be used ornamentally.
Mishra's couture collection for 2017 'Parizaad' was a poetic confluence of yarn, colours, textile and ornamentally hand worked motifs that draws from the vast reservoir of ancient science and architecture, impressing the fashionistas.
Generally, Chilean palms are used ornamentally in squares and around important buildings, but above all as exhibit pieces in botanical gardens and arboretums (Fig.
The ornamentally arranged skulls, ribs, femur and tibia are intended to remind the living of the inevitability of death.
The succeeding years, after Dizon left school, had proved prophetically correct, with his works consistently snapped up by collectors who were delighted by the highly detailed, often ornamentally embellished line and lushly colored, paintings of Filipino maidens, growing more orchidaciously luscious through the years.
The rest of borrowed entries (59 = 18%) are put together in the category which warrants a brief explanation: it is a "bag" containing, on the one hand, such hard-to-shelve borrowings as dzet ("a hard black semi-precious form of lignite, able to receive a brilliant polish and used ornamentally, esp.
While it is often planted ornamentally, if you don't want it, it can be a bit invasive.
Therefore, in the present study, Buddhist pine and Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) seedlings were employed as plant materials due to their typically high-value for ornamentally landscape but apparently slowly growing rate in sub-tropical and tropical Asia.