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1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.
2. Elaborate or showy, as in style: ornate rhetoric.

[Middle English, from Latin ōrnātus, past participle of ōrnāre, to embellish; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

or·nate′ly adv.
or·nate′ness n.
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Adv.1.ornately - in an ornate manner; "the cradle was ornately carved"
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بِزُخْرُفَه كَثيرَه
s bohatou výzdobou
süslü şekilde


[ɔːˈneɪtlɪ] ADV [carved, painted, designed] → con muchos adornos, de manera elaborada; [written] → en un estilo florido or (pej) recargado
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advkunstvoll; describemit beredten Worten, umständlich (pej); writtenin reicher Sprache
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(oːˈneit) adjective
with a lot of ornament. an ornate doorway.
orˈnately adverb
orˈnateness noun
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References in classic literature ?
He writes too ornately, too laconically, with too great a wealth of imagery and imagination.
The ornately carved tombs offer travellers both a glimpse of the craftsmanship of Sindhi stone-masons in times gone-by and an insight into the artistic styles that such stone-masons pursued.
Ornately decorated Easter eggs made by the staff of Marco Polo Davao
So when Tess stumbles upon an old brass key that unlocks an ornately carved gate, attached to a strangely invisible wall, she jumps at the chance for adventure.
The ornately carved open porch leads to the front door that opens on to the entrance hall, which has a guest cloakroom.
Whole, empty eggshells are ornately decorated to celebrate Easter.
But as the store, which still contains an ornately crafted staircase and other original features, comes to the end of its lease, the 'difficult' decision' has been made to close the iconic store for good - and a grand closing down sale on Saturday, April 14, will offer 50% savings on a wide range of stock.
In "Rhinestones and Twanging Tones: The Look and Sound of Country Music" the team of Jim Washburn (a published expert on music and popular culture) and Mac Yasuda (one of the world's foremost guitar experts and collectors) show in glittering detail how most classic country stars traded in their overalls for sequined and spangled outfits that shone from a mile away, and strummed guitars that were often just as ornately bedecked, or customized by decades of road wear.
Long boats with ornately carved dragon's heads at the bows, hulls painted with its scales, paddles resembling claws and tails in the sterns featured in the race.
The Teow Guan Teong Poh Sim Thai Tay Temple, at about 2.30pm, held lion dance, dragon dance and drum performances before inviting seven resident deities from the temple an ornately decorated dragon boat.
On Saturday, when the bride and groom were set to ride to her in-laws' home, witnesses said, their car had gone barely 150 metres when the ornately dressed bride jumped out of the car and started running towards the marriage hall, crying, "Save me, save me."
Over in the dining room an ornately carved grey and coral marble fireplace commands centre-stage alongside the incredible view of the surrounding rural area.