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1. Elaborately, heavily, and often excessively ornamented.
2. Elaborate or showy, as in style: ornate rhetoric.

[Middle English, from Latin ōrnātus, past participle of ōrnāre, to embellish; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

or·nate′ly adv.
or·nate′ness n.
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Noun1.ornateness - high-flown styleornateness - high-flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation; "the grandiosity of his prose"; "an excessive ornateness of language"
flourish - a display of ornamental speech or language
expressive style, style - a way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period; "all the reporters were expected to adopt the style of the newspaper"
blah, bombast, claptrap, fustian, rant - pompous or pretentious talk or writing
2.ornateness - an ornate appearance; being elaborately (even excessively) decorated
appearance, visual aspect - outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
flamboyance, floridity, floridness, showiness - extravagant elaborateness; "he wrote with great flamboyance"
fussiness - unnecessary elaborateness in details
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زُخْرُفَه، زينَه
aşırı süs


[ɔːˈneɪtnɪs] N [of decor, ceiling, building, vase] → lo ornamentado; [of language] → lo florido, estilo m florido, recargamiento m (pej)
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nVerzierungsreichtum m; (of baroque church, palace etc)Prunk m, → Prachtentfaltung f; (of music)ornamentaler Reichtum; (of style)Reichtum m; (of description)Wortreichtum m, → Umständlichkeit f (pej); (of decoration)Reichtum m, → Aufwendigkeit f, → Aufwändigkeit f
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(oːˈneit) adjective
with a lot of ornament. an ornate doorway.
orˈnately adverb
orˈnateness noun
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There's a smaller room past the bar for overspill (devoid of all the ornateness of the main room, though it does have an open kitchen) and a tidy courtyard out the back.
Feminine, in essence, the pieces highlighted fine, crisp, cool pieces of cotton with a dash of sheer organza, which spelled a lifestyle of luxury and ornateness when adorned with traditional embellishments such as zardozi, block print and gota.
It is un-Babette, who's been associated with the ornateness of Paris, although her dressing is always contemporary and casual.
In New York, however, in the middle of a landmark 19th-century district, there is one recent, rare example of a structure that dares to embrace its neighbours' surface ornateness and buck the trend toward bauble buildings.
We wind our way up to our spacious 'feature room' and ogle at the ornateness.
Exquisite Beauty offered an opportunity to consider minimalism versus ornateness. Is one direction favourable to the other?
In his ground breaking monograph A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes(1550), Richard suggests that trope is the tool for "achieving ornateness" in both secular and religious writing and speaking(Hildebrandt2).
Since the folk do not know the format of artificial literature, they will not rigidly adhere to it; they do not pursue ornateness, so they will not be implicated by it ...
So these self-styled and often untutored aesthetes, many of them of southern sharecropper stock and therefore new to city life, or born of parents who were new to city life, created a vogue all their own, nearly Victorian in its ornateness, a riot of styles that seemed a witting or unwitting parody of urban sophistication and cosmopolitan good taste.
The shop, opened with a $1,000 loan, had been in business just eight years but had already made a name for itself by selling fine silver wrought in the new "American style," a clean, natural look that scuttled the fussy ornateness of the Old World.