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adj. or·ner·i·er, or·ner·i·est
Mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.

[Alteration of ordinary.]

or′ner·i·ness′ n.
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Noun1.orneriness - meanspirited disagreeable contrariness
contrariness, perverseness, perversity - deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline
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Annette has wrapped it all in an eye-twinkle of orneriness.
When I asked a prominent Republican senator why Congress had balked at keeping an American commitment, he attributed it to "sheer orneriness," reflecting the mood of right-wing Tea Party Republicans and some left-wing Democrats.
But he definitely took that orneriness from her," said Tyson, now the track and cross-country coach at Gonzaga University in Spokane.
By the following year, it seems, the elegant lines and residual pictorialism of these early works had given way to the more eccentric orneriness of the "Pipe Pieces," 1967-69, which typically comprise two lengths of aluminum pipe conjoined by metal fittings or plastic hose.
This is a factor in remaining steady to shot or halting on command, when temptation or orneriness overcomes their training.
Perhaps Arthur is too much of a technophile to do what Marx did and look not just at the "forces of production" but also at the "relations of production": the combination of class struggle, clashing of economic interests, politics, psychology, and pure human orneriness that, for Marx, defined how innovation would develop as much as or more than the autopoietic inner play of technology.
The Rubicon-package Wrangler Unlimited is full of drop-forged orneriness, starting with a couple of bigger-badder Dana 44 axles with electronic locking differentials; a two-speed transfer case with extra tall gearing; and electronic front sway bar disconnect, the latter of which will give you a little more wheel articulation.
But it's his feel for family that makes this novel and his appreciation for orneriness keeps the sentimentality at bay.
We are brought, with elegance and style, with dry wit and orneriness, to elegy.
This story, thankfully, has a happy ending, as a ragtag coalition of Americans from across the political and geographic spectrums rediscovered their orneriness and sent the ill-begotten Real ID Act packing.