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adj. or·ner·i·er, or·ner·i·est
Mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.

[Alteration of ordinary.]

or′ner·i·ness′ n.
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Noun1.orneriness - meanspirited disagreeable contrariness
contrariness, perverseness, perversity - deliberate and stubborn unruliness and resistance to guidance or discipline
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Despite his famous stubborn streak and occasional orneriness, McCain is widely admired on both sides of the aisle, and tributes poured in Friday after the family announced the treatment decision.
Slow-moving oxen, heavily laden with firewood, stately gentlemen out for a morning stroll, peddlers with their ponderous burden of wares, Korean ponies (notorious for their orneriness and biting) and snarling dogs were all forced to scramble for safety as the vehicle passed.
Who else would have thought of putting those 'mismatched' talents together, loopily hoping that the very orneriness of the quirky combination could end up as the perfect match made in blockbuster heaven?
That pretty well sets the pace for a brisk romp through a lifetime marked by laughter and orneriness, squeezed in around work.
Still, Cohen's follow up statement is almost humorous from a modern perspective as he explained that, "'orneriness' and 'hell-raising' in general are primary practices of the male" (p.
My orneriness has not been fully vindicated -- NIH still recommends dietary fish oil -- but it does find omega-3 supplements to be useless.
As time passed, however, her orneriness remained unabated, and the inclusive fabric so nicely woven for her became stretched to its limits.
Annette has wrapped it all in an eye-twinkle of orneriness."
.well, because of Jaffa's orneriness, but that's a story for others to tell.
"Sweetness and orneriness, emotional availability and being distant at the same time.
But he definitely took that orneriness from her," said Tyson, now the track and cross-country coach at Gonzaga University in Spokane.