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Pollinated by birds.
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The pollination of Bromelia antiacantha (Bromeliaceae) in Southeastern Brazil: Ornithophilous versus Melittophilous features.
In fact, RoseroLasprilla & Sazima (2004) found that flowers of Psittacanthus are by far the most used ornithophilous flowers in terra firme Amazonian forests in Chiribiquete.
The resource density (RD) of ornithophilous and non-ornithophilous resources available each month for the hummingbirds in each of the sample areas was calculated by the following Equation 1:
Floral isolation between ornithophilous and sphingophilous species of Ipomopsis and Aquilegia.
However, the present values of nectar volume and sugar concentration are greater than those reported for other ornithophilous flowers, both from high mountain and low land (Waser, 1979; Willmer and Corbet, 1981; Roubik et al.
In the high Andean region of Ancash the greatest diversity offlowers ornithophilous is in shrublands, in contrast to rocky areas and grasslands, in those that we find stands of bromelias of the genera Puya whose nectar could constitute an important resource for high Andean hummingbirds in these habitat types.
Pollination syndromes Ornithophilous anemophilous melittophilous gall-wasps Actinidia deliciosa x Malus domestica x Medicago sativa x Trifolium pratense x Passiflora spp.
Adaptations for 'fail-safe' pollination of specialized ornithophilous flowers.
Origin of floral isolation between ornithophilous and sphingophilous plant species.
Traits of Columnea species associated with ornithophilous pollination are: 1) larger leaf with extrafloral marks or red indument that functions as a secondary and lasting attractant for the birds (Jones & Rich 1972; Kastinger & Weber 2000; G.