ornithopod dinosaur

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Noun1.ornithopod dinosaur - bipedal herbivorous dinosaur
ornithischian, ornithischian dinosaur - herbivorous dinosaur with a pelvis like that of a bird
euronithopod, Euronithopoda, Ornithopoda, suborder Euronithopoda, suborder Ornithopoda - widespread group including duck-billed dinosaurs and their early relatives (hadrosaurs, trachodon and iguanodon)
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Recently, a preliminary analysis of a new discovery of several bones of an ornithopod dinosaur in Boca do Chapim's quarry was reported (Figueiredo, 2010, 2014).
While conducting their research, the team also discovered that this dinosaur prey was a previously unrecognized species of a small ornithopod dinosaur, which has yet to be named.
Most of the remains identified are isolated teeth and a set of postcranial bones, the latter belonging to a small ornithopod dinosaur. The best preserved and complete tooth (Fig.
The postcranial remains are for the most part fragmentary and disarticulated elements such as isolated vertebral centra, except for a partially articulated caudal series which belongs to an undetermined ornithopod dinosaur. This semi-articulated caudal series comprises several vertebrae with amphicoelous centra and a hexagonal cross-section typical of Ornithopoda (e.g.
So the lack of finds here is probably more to do with the built-up nature of the area more than anything else and we can rest assured that everything from the two-metre high Iguanodon - one of the duck-billed Ornithopod dinosaurs - the armoured Hylaeosaurus and the massive Megalosaurus would have roamed the area we now call home.