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 (ôr′ə-nā′zəl, ŏr′-)
Relating to the mouth and nose: an oronasal mask

[Latin ōs, ōr-, mouth; see ōs- in Indo-European roots + nasal.]
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(Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the mouth and nose
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La obstruccion nasal conduce a modificaciones en el patron respiratorio, que conllevan la presencia de respiracion oronasal u oral, la que clinicamente se ha asociado con alteraciones posicionales del esqueleto facial, maloclusion dentaria, alteraciones nutricionales y el bajo rendimiento academico en sujetos pediatricos y adultos.
Cleft of lip and palate (CLP) originates from failure in the fusion of oronasal processes within the first five to six weeks of gestation.1,2 Clefts are classified as complete or incomplete, bilateral or unilateral and syndromic or non-syndromic.2,3 Among the aetiological factors identified, excessive use of alcohol, smoking, low folic acid levels,4,5 diabetes, genetics and consanguineous marriages contribute to this malformation.6 Use of drugs like phenytoin, sodium valproate, benzodiazipines and corticosteroids during pregnancy7 may also add to the chances.
In many of the studies on oronasal transmission, however, ASFV was placed directly in the mouth or on the tonsils.
It may form as a result of receiving these bacteria from oronasal, conjunctival, or vaginal mucosa contact (1-6).
Nasal pillow or plugs, nasal mask, oronasal mask, full face mask, and helmet are the interfaces designed for NIV.
Small breed dogs can have severe dental disease leading to what are called oronasal fistulas--holes between the mouth and the sinuses from severe infection at the canine teeth.
Noninvasive mechanical ventilatory was applied with ICU ventilator (Galileo, Hamilton Medical, Bonaduz, Switzerland) in noninvasive mechanical ventilatory mode via oronasal mask to facilitate respiratory muscle resting in patients with severe dyspnea and tachypnea.
An oronasal fistula is an epithelialized communication between the oral and the nasal cavity.
The following recordings were made using a computerized workstation: multiple channels of the electroencephalogram (central and occipital), two channels of the electrooculogram, two channels of the electromyogram, the oronasal flow (using a thermistor and a nasal pressure transducer), the respiratory effort (using abdominal and thoracic strain gauges), the oxygen saturation (using pulse oximetry), snoring sounds (using a microphone), submental and anterior tibialis monitoring, and body position (20).
The basic recordings included electroencephalogram (F3A2, F4A1, C3A2, C4A1, O1A2, and O2A1), electrooculogram (LOCA2, and ROCA1), chin EMG, electrocardiogram, nasaloral pressure transducer airflow, thermal oronasal airflow, thoracic and abdominal respiratory efforts, oxyhemoglobin saturation, snoring sound, body position, and leg movement.