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In the report "Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication--Afghanistan, January 2016-June 2017," on page 857, the last sentence of the last paragraph should have read "Detection of orphan viruses, which are [greater than or equal to] 1.5% divergent from the most closely related isolate, indicating extended undetected circulation of poliovirus, along with continued close genetic linkages with Pakistan viruses, highlight the need for Afghanistan and Pakistan to continue to prioritize coordination to improve surveillance, and to track and vaccinate their mobile populations, thereby stopping the ongoing cross border transmission and reducing the risk for poliovirus circulation in hard-to-reach areas of Afghanistan."
Not all orphan viruses warrant intensive study at the time of their discovery.
Although the number of cases declined compared with 2014, the percentage of orphan viruses (wild-type polioviruses that are >1.5% genetically divergent in the VP1 region from the most closely related isolate, indicating low AFP surveillance sensitivity) isolated during the first half of 2015 increased from 6% to 14%, compared with the first half of 2014.