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a. A child whose parents are dead.
b. A child who has been deprived of parental care and has not been adopted.
2. A young animal that has been prematurely separated from its parents or its mother.
3. One that lacks support, supervision, or care: A lack of corporate interest has made the subsidiary an orphan.
4. A technology or product that has not been developed or marketed, especially on account of being commercially unprofitable.
5. Printing A very short line of type at the bottom of a paragraph, column, or page.
1. Deprived of parents.
2. Intended for orphans: an orphan home.
3. Lacking support, supervision, or care.
4. Being a technology or product that is an orphan.
tr.v. or·phaned, or·phan·ing, or·phans
To deprive (a child or young animal) of a parent or parents.

[Middle English, from Late Latin orphanus, from Greek orphanos, orphaned; see orbh- in Indo-European roots.]

or′phan·hood′ n.
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Adj.1.orphaned - deprived of parents by death or desertion
parentless, unparented - having no parent or parents or not cared for by parent surrogates
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Orphaned, the eldest, head of the family at the age of nineteen, he felt himself rudely recalled from the reveries of school to the realities of this world.
The number of orphaned girls in Jeddah is 120, in all the orphanages in the city.
This he said while speaking at the distribution ceremony of educational package among orphaned students by Al-Khidmat Foundation, a nongovernmental welfare organization on Sunday here in Khar.
Qatar Charity (QC) has held an educational camp and a recreational trip for Burkina Faso orphans as well as a ceremony to honour outstanding orphaned students for 2016.