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The orphreys were divided into panels representing scenes from the life of the Virgin, and the coronation of the Virgin was figured in coloured silks upon the hood.
Cardinal Tagle even called dibs on the violet chasuble and stole made from poly-hemp with cotton pili orphrey.
The cope includes the orphrey, which is a significant band of decoration on the leading edge of the garment.
One way that the Allegory distinguishes itself from previous representations celebrating the Virgin Mary is in the inscribed and historiated roundels decorating the embroidered orphrey on the mantle of the towering, approximately life-size frontal figure identifiable through the inscription on her conical tiara as Misericordia Domfini], the Lord's Mercy personified.
Raymond Hutchinson, had a beautiful set of festal vestments--cream satin with an orphrey of multi-coloured Victorian embroidery--which he always wore on special celebratory occasions.