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 (ôr-thō′ə-pē, ôr′thō-ĕp′ē)
a. The study of the pronunciation of words.
b. The study of the relationship between the pronunciation of words and their orthography.
2. The customary pronunciation of words.

[Greek orthoepeia, correctness of diction : ortho-, ortho- + epos, epe-, word; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

or′tho·ep′ic (-ĕp′ĭk), or′tho·ep′i·cal (-ĕp′ĭ-kəl) adj.
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The tasks are meant to test speaking skills abilities and oral proficiency and range from orthoepic competence (read aloud words, phrases and text) to more complex tasks like picture description and interview.
Rosetti Institute of Linguistics succeeded in publishing two fundamental works: Dictionarul ortografic, ortoepic si morfologic al limbii romane (The Orthographic, Orthoepic and Morphological Dictionary of Romanian, second edition, also called DOOM2) and Gramatica limbii romane (Romanian Grammar).
The CEF (Council of Europe, 2001) describes the following categories as very useful for the linguistic description and analysis of a language and can therefore be regarded as linguistic competences: lexical competence, grammatical competence, semantic competence, phonological competence, orthographic competence, and orthoepic competence.