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"It is an orthogenetic principle which states that whenever development occurs it proceeds from a state of relative globality and lack of differentiation to a state of increasing differentiation, articulation, and hierarchic integration" (p.
Among specific topics are Goethe and Werner: from morphology to orthogenetic principle, the passion of Bob Cairns: creating developmental science, socio-developmental aspects of apprenticeship: the case of musical tuition, knowledge in mind: Piaget's epistemology, and time is of the essence: from the estimation of a single point to the description of functions.
Oral cancer, as well as updates in maxillofacial reconstruction, micro neurosurgery, oral trauma, and facial cosmetic and orthogenetic surgery, will be reviewed at the 2nd Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Congress to be held in Dubai from May 1-5.
What our sources appear to document is thus a mainly orthogenetic (49) model of adaptation and innovative displacement of Sanskritic elements into a Javano-Balinese framework.
"The talk of the day was based on different topics like orthogenetic surgery, which is related to moving the jaws.
I am also concerned to engage with what John Haught has termed "unedited" Darwinian theory--Darwinian theory as accepted and discussed generally within the scientific community--rather than pursuing discarded alternative neo-Lamarckian, orthogenetic, and strong teleological evolutionary theories.
stated that "given the orthogenetic principle (Werner, 1957), it may be that these components [ideological and behavioral components of contribution] are differentiated (e.g., weakly correlated) in early development periods (e.g., at the beginning of adolescence) and become integrated later in ontogeny" (p.2).
"The modern synthesis" also involved a rejection of views running counter to these core principles, such as was found in Lamarckian, (8) orthogenetic, and saltational theories.
Sean Freyne envisions much closer relations between Galilean Jews and their counterparts in Judea, arguing for an orthogenetic relationship with Jerusalem grounded in a shared worldview and symbol system.
These theories have been generally classified as "neo-Lamarckian," "orthogenetic", and "saltational" or mutational (Bowler, 1992).
Wapner (1993) describes a holistic, developmental, systems-oriented perspective of parent development that is exemplified by the orthogenetic principle which, proceeds from an undifferentiated to a differentiated state, and a new level of organization.