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1. Relating to or composed of right angles.
2. Mathematics
a. Of or relating to a matrix whose transpose equals its inverse.
b. Of or relating to a linear transformation that preserves the length of vectors.
3. Very different or unrelated; sharply divergent: "Radical Islamists are ultimately seeking to create something orthogonal to our model of democracy" (Richard A. Clarke).

[From Greek orthogōnios : ortho-, ortho- + gōniā, angle; see genu- in Indo-European roots.]

or·thog′o·nal′i·ty (-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
or·thog′o·nal·ly adv.
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Tenders are invited for Modification of existing age old and partly damaged rail track into the rail cum RCC Road crossing the orthogonally with rails fixed on the track for transportation of transformer and the remaining with concrete road (RCC) in the old 132 KV switchyard at Rishra 220/132/33/11 KV Sub-station.
With an eye to what has yet to be seen, Wildcat approaches problems idiosyncratically and orthogonally in order to stay away from the overharvested, overhyped, and already done.
Each of the three sensors is positioned orthogonally inside the antenna housing to transmit/receive a spherical radiation pattern so all radiation is measured at the antenna's geographical position, regardless of the direction in which it arrives.
3] represent average cross-sectional areas of said fluff wood pulp fibers observed on two cross-sections extending orthogonally to each other and to said horizontal plane.
A displacement of the light curtain, orthogonally to the shaft axis, leads to a shift in the blade position captured.
Between these two examples, the mechanical function required by the spinal orthosis varies between responding to an axial compressive force versus an orthogonally directed shear force.
The retained factors/components are rotated orthogonally to make it easier to interpret the retained components.
Pieces in such a chain must 'join' orthogonally, that is, edgewise, being adjacent either horizontally or vertically.
Facile synthesis of orthogonally protected amino acid building blocks for combinatorial N-backbone cyclic peptide chemistry.
In many deductive reasoning tasks, researchers manipulate orthogonally the believability (whether the statement is true or not in the world) of conclusions and their logicality (whether they necessarily follow from the premises).
The component matrix then rotated orthogonally using varimax rotation algorithm.
At certain locations the tubules will be oriented somewhat orthogonally to each other -- in a very specific geometry.
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