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Walking with the long axis of the body perpendicular to the ground, as humans do.

[ortho- + Latin -gradus, walking (from gradī, to move; see retrograde).]
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walking in an upright manner
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Factors affecting the outcome of orthograde root canal therapy in a general dentistry hospital practice.
Since every orthograde filling's success of sealing cannot be assured, there is still no consensus about the need for application of root end filling.
The most significant scapular change is that the pronograde forms disclose a long narrow scapula, while in orthograde it becomes broader.
Such filling is usually referred to as orthograde and it shortens the duration of the intervention, but in such cases it is necessary to perform a control X-ray [9].
If orthograde retreatment and endodontic microsurgery of a tooth with apical periodontitis are not feasible, intentional replantation has been considered the last means of retaining a natural tooth that would otherwise be lost to extraction [17-20].
May, "Orthograde intestinal irrigation with a mannitol solution in reducing hepatic encephalopathy in patients with liver cirrhosis and gastrointestinal haemorrhage," Z Gastroenterol, vol.
This indicated that damage to the VTA could cause postsynaptic neurons with synaptic contact to elicit neurotoxic effects, i.e., orthograde transneuronal damage.
Root apex resection is performed when root canal treatment fails and orthograde retreatment is not possible.
Therefore, an endovascular procedure was performed with deposition of three Guglielmi Detachable Coils (GDC) 18-vortX[R] (2 mm x 4 cm, 2 mm x 5 cm, and 2 mm x 3 cm) and three GDC-10 360 (3 mm x 6 cm soft), in the proximal segment of left VA, aimed to interrupt the orthograde blood flow from the aneurysm to the cerebral circulation (Figure 1(b)).
Management of post treatment pathosis include orthograde retreatment (nonsurgical), apical surgery, replantation, auto transplantation and extraction with replacement of single tooth implants.8 If the tooth is restorable, periodontally sound and patient desires to retain the tooth, it could be preserved with nonsurgical retreatment or endodontic surgery.
The dependence of teleodynamic on morphodynamics and morphodynamics on thermodynamics constitutes a three-stage nested hierarchy of modes of dynamics, which ultimately links the most basic orthograde process--the second law of thermodynamics--with the teleodynamic logic of living and mental processes, (ibid., p.
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