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 (ôr′thə-grăf′ĭk) also or·tho·graph·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to orthography.
2. Spelled correctly.
3. Mathematics Having perpendicular lines.

or′tho·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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She writes of how "Blakness [is] a code embedded in your bones," the spelling signaling a disruptive dialogical intent that will function both orthographically and genetically, these cudgel-like poems empowering alternative modes of speaking, knowing, and being.
For example, the words aa'lam [the created world] and aa'lim [learned] are orthographically identical but quite naturally one would opt for the latter vocalisation in a sentence such as 'Zaid is erudite and informed; he is a great aa'lim.' But here two fascinating issues ought to be noted: one, that the moment of reading a text is also a moment of the interpretation of the text.
* Type 1--Correct Regular--CR (orthographically and semantically correct and grapho-phonemically regular--eg, the word FADA (fairy in english) written word and the corresponding picture);
We have especially structured exercises of pairing the same graphemes written differently and orthographically similar graphemes.
Different stress repetition priming and repetition priming will be compared with orthographically unrelated but stress related priming (PERsa/RASgo, Persian/I tear or feature).
Visual wordforms may nuance character and character relations, such as the orthographically expressed brother-sister parallelism between the aloofe Ofelia and the abroode Leartes.
hwy as 'w', i.e., /ava/(cf., e.g., Sine LP 6); though orthographically identical here to the 3ms /avo/, elsewhere the feminine is spelled V, e.g., no.
This alone would echo the polyvocal discourse of the magazine, as readers must weigh and consider London from the different perspectives provided by the old fashioned Reverend, his orthographically challenged wife, their whiggish son Andrew, and their inexperienced but canny daughter Rachel.