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or or·tho·logue  (ôr′thə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
A homologous gene that is related to those in different organisms by descent from the DNA of a common ancestor and that may or may not have the same function.

[Back-formation from orthologous : ortho- + (homo)logous.]

or·thol′o·gous (-thŏl′ə-gəs) adj.
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Callinectes sapidus eIF4E1 is the ortholog of human eIF4E1 and has the eight conserved tryptophans, including those equivalent to W56 and W102 in H.
This is because SaCas9 is a compact Cas9 ortholog suitable for viral delivery or biomedical applications.
We annotated putative coding sequences using GeneMark (7) and performed ortholog identification, based on the prototypal human reference genome CT_020221853, using BLAST+ (8) with a 1 x [10.sup.-10] E-value threshold and confirmed by a synteny conservation check.
Identification of potential mammalian slincR orthologs. The slncky Evolution Browser contains alignments and evolutionary metrics of lncRNAs conserved in the mouse (mm10, GRCm38) and human (hg38, GRCh38) genomes and was used to identify the potential human ortholog of slincR (Chen et al.
This strain has a deletion from 1 kb upstream and the first three exons of the ador-1 gene, and was outcrossed 6 times; ador-1 gene encodes an ortholog of human adenosine receptor (9).
(20) However, sequence homology searches were unable to identify a mammalian ortholog of Rpn4.
On the other hand, defects in the gene mauve (mv) in Drosophila, which is ortholog of LYST, affect the autophagosome function (40).
In contrast to c-Fos, Egr-1, and NPY-R, an ortholog for the immediate-early gene Arc has not been detected in zebrafish.
The human ortholog of hangover is ZNF699, and human studies have identified polymorphisms in this gene associated with alcohol dependence [271, 272].
Tick subolesin (SUB), the ortholog of insect and vertebrate akirins (AKR), was discovered as a tick protective antigen in Ixodes scapularis [16].