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(Chemistry) any salt or ester of orthophosphoric acid
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(ˌɔr θəˈfɒs feɪt)

a salt or ester of orthophosphoric acid, or any compound containing the trivalent group −PO4.
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Noun1.orthophosphate - a salt of phosphoric acidorthophosphate - a salt of phosphoric acid    
calcium phosphate - a phosphate of calcium; a main constituent of animal bones
salt - a compound formed by replacing hydrogen in an acid by a metal (or a radical that acts like a metal)
sodium orthophosphate, sodium phosphate - phosphate of sodium; used as a laxative to cleanse the bowels
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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 29, 2019-: Food Grade Ferric Orthophosphate Market 2019-2025-Forecast,Demand,Entry Strategies, Production And Production Value
The parameters that were analyzed are the following: nitrogen (nitrate), phosphorus (orthophosphate), pH, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen (DO), total suspended solids (TSS), water temperature, E.
Samples were exposed to L-histidine monohydrochloride monohydrate disodium orthophosphate (pH-alkaline 8.0) at 37 AdegC for 4 hrs.
Inorganic orthophosphate, which is the preferred source of P to plants, is also the major form of P found in green crops (60-80% of total P) during vegetative growth [3, 6, 7].
Nitrite-nitrogen (N[O.sub.2]-N), silicate (Si[O.sub.2]), orthophosphate (P[O.sub.4]-P), alkalinity, and settleable solids were analyzed weekly, while total ammonia nitrogen (TAN) was determined twice a week and nitrate-nitrogen (N[O.sub.3]-N) was assessed monthly.
Samples were analyzed for nitrate-N using the Cadmium Reduction Method 8039; ammonia-N by the Ammonia Salicylate Method 8155; total N by the Persulfate Digestion Method 10070; particulate and soluble orthophosphate by the Ascorbic Acid Method 8048 (Reactive Phos Ver3); and total P by the Acid Persulfate Digestion Method (Hach 2015).
Cities such as Detroit add orthophosphate to their water as part of their corrosion control plans because the compound encourages the formation of lead phosphates, which are largely insoluble and can add to the pipes' passivation layer." (15) In sum, the failure to use orthophosphate to prevent corrosion of Flint's aging pipes allowed lead to leach into the drinking water.
Potassium chloride, Disodium hydrogen orthophosphate, Potassium dihydrogen orthophosphate, Hydrogen peroxide, Certrimide, Agar, CTAB, Glucose and Glycerol, Sodium nitrite and Orthophosphoric acid, Sodium carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Isopropanol, Phenol, Chloroform, Ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, Boric acid, Glacial acetic acid, Isoamyl alcohol, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium acetate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Magnesium sulphate were purchased from Qualigens & Merck, India respectively.
Samples were collected on the subsurface of the water column to determine the following variables: temperature, pH, electrical conductivity (WTW 3401 multi-parameter probe); dissolved oxygen (Oximeter Hanna HI 9146); total suspended solids (TSS) (Strickland and Parsons, 1972), nitrite, nitrate and ammonium (DIONEX--ICS1000), orthophosphate and silicate (Grasshoff et al., 1983).
In particular, mineralisation of organic P releases plant-available orthophosphate to soil solution, while the reverse process of immobilisation involves the conversion of plant-available orthophosphate into organic P.