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orthopraxy, orthopraxis

the use of mechanical apparatus or devices to correct bodily deformities.
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From Kelly's reworking of the analogy, the Trinity reemerges pregnant with meaning for a trinitarian orthopraxis that addresses and motivates contemporary cosmic, ecological, psychological, political, and interfaith concerns, as is evident in the variety of applications Kelly attempts.
This ecclesial practice rested upon and furthered the orthodoxy and orthopraxis of the community, its belief in and communal action in accord with the truth of the gospel.
The "thirst for God" that is found at the core of African life reminded the Conference that faith is a matter of the heart, that orthodoxy and orthopraxis need to be complemented by orthokardia (spirituality).
continued call for orthopraxis is a treasure that Latin American and
Hence the Catholic Church, be it the Vatican, Pope Francis or the CBCI, must humbly acknowledge the just demands and critiques of those of its members who, like me, love the Church; but strongly disagree with much of its orthopraxis, as distinct from its orthodoxy.
Sketching out these various actors gives us an idea of the diverging ecologies involved and what kinds of clashes occur between religion and science; activism and academia; orthodoxy and orthopraxis; resistance and government; capitalism, environmentalism and local ontologies.
(2) However, it is just as true that every good deed originates in good ideas: orthopraxis requires orthodoxy and vice versa.
start with orthodoxy but with orthopraxis. Everyday life is the
Remember, it's not just orthopraxis (proper conduct of) science that matters, or whether or not we can successfully and safely produce immunizations through newer methods, but what the public perception and uptake will be that will ultimately determine their financial viability in the market and the new vaccines' ability to create or maintain herd immunity.
From orthodoxy, on the level of the Nazi doctrinal theory, Hitler masterfully moved onto orthopraxis. The Nazi orthodoxy was the ideology of the Aryan race and the Nazi orthopraxis was the Shoah or the Jewish Holocaust.
El Menovar has studied and listed five dimensions of Muslim religiosity, which include basic religiosity, central duties, religious experience, religious knowledge and orthopraxis.8 Basic religiosity, or spirituality, refers to the importance of religiosity in one's life.
The status of educator was not static, however, but evolved as the need for teachers of Christian doctrine and orthopraxis increased.