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An orthoptist by training, Professor Anita Simmers, who heads up the School of Health and Life Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University, entered the allied health professions because of its ability to provide her with a vocation on qualification, something which has, arguably, become even more important to undergraduates in recent years.
Orthoptist Aman Mann, said: "There are lots of different abilities among the team but we are all up for the challenge and are taking a really good team spirit to the top of Snowdon.
orthoptist and honours student, Department of Clinical Vision Sciences, Department of Clinical Vision Sciences, School of Allied Health, La Trobe University, Victoria 3086, Australia; e-mail: <lye0128@ ymail.
Orthoptist Professor Kathryn Rose, head of the study, explained that exposure to direct sunlight at a young age helps prevent the eyeball from growing too fast and becoming oval or egg-shaped instead of round, News.
She was raised in Belfast and educated at St Andrews, Scotland, before training as an orthoptist in Oxford.
Findings: Although many more cases of amblyopia were detected in the cohort screened by an orthoptist, the overall amblyopia prevalence at age 7 years was similar in each cohort.
Andrew Fox, the hospital's head orthoptist (eye specialist) said: " Having normal sight is something you take for granted until things happen to affect it.
Andrew previously worked as an orthoptist at Alder Hey Children's Hospital before returning to university to study optometry.
Orthoptist Mark Jones, who worked at Warrington Hospital between 1990 and 2007, was given a one-year suspension for poor record keeping and failing to carry out the right eye examinations by a Health Professions Council (HPC).
Acting head orthoptist at the RVI, Kathryn Smart, said changes were also under way to ensure services meet recommendations made by the National Screening Committee that all children should be screened for visual impairment between the ages of four and five, either by orthoptists or by professionals trained and supported by them.
Orthoptist Emma Tippings, 31, from Pontprennau, Cardiff, said: 'It's just a bit of fun.
Opticians get much more practice in spotting squints but the end result is usually much the same, a referral to a hospital-based orthoptist.