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1. Having normal vision; free from visual distortion.
2. Giving an undistorted image. Used of an optical instrument.
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1. (Medicine) of, relating to, or produced by normal vision
2. (General Physics) yielding an undistorted image
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(ˌɔr θəˈskɒp ɪk)

pertaining to or characteristic of normal vision.
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a. ortoscópico, rel. a los instrumentos que se usan para corregir distorsiones ópticas.
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I saw both moons during the 2003 perihelic opposition of Mars in an 11-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope by hiding the brilliant planet behind an occulting strip made of aluminum foil taped across the field stop of an ancient orthoscopic eyepiece.
Nick Zerwas, R-Elk River, after an orthoscopic procedure Wednesday revealed that routine surgery meant to correct a flaw in his heart would not work.
He missed the last five games of the season with torn cartilage in his left knee, which required orthoscopic surgery.
Polarized light field microscopy: an analytical method using a microlens array to simultaneously capture both conoscopic and orthoscopic views of birefringent objects.
The virtual image is orthoscopic and is reconstructed in the back of the plate and the real image is pseudoscopic and is reconstructed in front of the plate.
We're hearing from clients that employees are starting to collaborate much more and talk among themselves, starting to share, "What orthoscopic did you see?
"He was saying if it wasn't, I'd have to have an orthoscopic procedure, so if it is Lyme disease, I won't have to have the procedure done, which is great," he added.
In answer to a question from Mr Frank Sellers (1875-1959), Ainslie replied that he definitely regarded monocentric eyepieces as better than orthoscopic eyepieces for planetary work, and he proceeded to draw the internal construction of the eyepieces on the Sion College blackboard.
Samples were characterized via orthoscopic observation (in transmission) using an Olympus BX51 microscope with UMPlanFL 5 X or 20X objectives.
Since I have prescribed orthoscopic lenses for him, he has shown significant improvement in his reading skills.
Further, they can be orthoscopic; laying out the reinforcement in a particular direction can change the physical properties of a given geometry dramatically, but sometimes this has been difficult to explain, says Jim Shober, chairman & owner, Polygon Co.