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 (prōt′n-o͝or′ē-ə, -yo͝or′-, prō′tē-no͝or′-, -nyo͝or′-)
The presence of excessive amounts of protein in the urine.


(Pathology) med another name for albuminuria


(ˌproʊ tiˈnʊər i ə, -ˈnyʊər-, -ti ə-)

excessive protein in the urine, as from kidney disease.
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Noun1.proteinuria - the presence of excessive protein (chiefly albumin but also globulin) in the urineproteinuria - the presence of excessive protein (chiefly albumin but also globulin) in the urine; usually a symptom of kidney disorder
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease


n. proteinuria, presencia de proteínas en la orina.
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Orthostatic proteinuria is another common benign condition.
What is called orthostatic proteinuria may be suspected when the first morning urine sample does not show evidence of proteinuria, but a second sample obtained greater than two hours after activity is positive.
Identify patients with orthostatic proteinuria by having the patient or parent get paired urine samples from the first void after rising from sleep and again in the evening.