orthotropous ovule

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Noun1.orthotropous ovule - a completely straight ovule with the micropyle at the apexorthotropous ovule - a completely straight ovule with the micropyle at the apex
ovule - a small body that contains the female germ cell of a plant; develops into a seed after fertilization
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When Endress and Doyle (2009) added Ceratophyllum to a revised version of this morphological data set, with other taxa constrained to an arrangement based mainly on Doyle and Endress (2000), Ceratophyllum and Chloranthaceae formed a clade supported by five synapomorphies: sessile flowers, one stamen, embedded pollen sacs, one carpel, and orthotropous ovule. Interestingly, this clade was anticipated by Cordemoy (1863), who included Ceratophyllum (and Platanus) in his tribe Chloranthacees.
However, Bactris sp and Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) Cortes belong to the same tribe and have an orthotropous ovule. The same occurs with Butia capitata, which presents a third type of ovule; hemitropous.
Xyridoideae (Xyris) were circumscribed with unifacial leaves; ellipsoid, sulcate pollen; orthotropous ovules; and ellipsoid seeds (Dahlgren et al., 1985; Kral, 1998).