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Several studies have been conducted to optimize the theoretical basis aiming to determine shear modulus in wood, considering its features of orthotropy, being mentioned among them Gillis (1972), Holmberg, Persson, and Petersson (1999), Nairn (2007), Price (1929), and Schniewind (1959).
From the characteristics obtained empirically, the authors analyzed the properties and orthotropy relationships of the matrix of elastic constants of general elastic model.
To incorporate realistic material for bone tissues in maxilla or mandible the FEM may employ full orthotropy for cortical bone as the elastic behavior in cortical bone approximates to an orthotro- pic materials and transversely isotropic for cancellous bone.
9) is explicit formulation of the state and orientation of the anisotropic orthotropy under off-axis uniaxial tensile loads.
In the analysis of these composite joints, bone is assumed as elastic material having isotropy and orthotropy in specific regions.
Moreover, ultrasound propagation paths in directions differing from the main orthotropy axes (longitudinal L, radial R and tangential T) are significantly shifted from a straight line between the transducers, the actual trajectory being dependent on the local ring and grain angles (Sanabria et al.
The results show a complex interaction between plate orthotropy and boundary conditions (Baba, 2007).
Identification of plate rigidities of a circular plate with cylindrical orthotropy using vibration data.
Finally, constitutive models with orthotropy and bimodularity induced by damage can be proposed in order to evaluate the potentialities in the analysis of reinforced concrete structures.