ortolan bunting

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Noun1.ortolan bunting - brownish Old World bunting often eaten as a delicacyortolan bunting - brownish Old World bunting often eaten as a delicacy
bunting - any of numerous seed-eating songbirds of Europe or North America
Emberiza, genus Emberiza - Old World buntings
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Up to 10 Spotted Redshanks and a Great White Egret are at Connah's Quay nature reserve, an Ortolan Bunting and Wryneck were found on Bardsey last Friday.
The Flipperoo begs the question, "Why are both Google and Microsoft pushing forward with an interface stuffed with choices and bulging like a Grimod de La Reyniere bustard--an old-style turducken--with a garden warbler, an ortolan bunting, a lark, a thrush, a quail, a lapwing, a plover, a wood cock, a teal, a guinea fowl, a duck, a chicken, a pheasant, and a goose, jammed into a turkey?" Choice is OK, but too many choices seem to go against Weinschenk's research.
Bardsey had several good records including ortolan bunting, melodious and icterine warblers and wryneck.