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1. often orts A small scrap or leaving of food after a meal is completed.
2. A scrap; a bit.

[Middle English orte, food left by animals, probably from Middle Dutch : oor, out; see ud- in Indo-European roots + eten, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]
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pl n
(sometimes singular) archaic or dialect scraps or leavings
[C15: of Germanic origin; related to Dutch oorete, from oor- remaining + ete food]
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ort, orts - An ort is a morsel or remaining scrap; orts is another name for leftovers.
See also related terms for leftovers.
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Raveloe lay low among the bushy trees and the rutted lanes, aloof from the currents of industrial energy and Puritan earnestness: the rich ate and drank freely, accepting gout and apoplexy as things that ran mysteriously in respectable families, and the poor thought that the rich were entirely in the right of it to lead a jolly life; besides, their feasting caused a multiplication of orts, which were the heirlooms of the poor.
If the young lady thinks I hadn't ort to have kep' the tother 'arfcrown, I would not object to its bein' stopped from my wages if I were given a job of work here.
Recognised for their reliability, durability and long operating range, ORTs are in service with many scientific, defence and commercial organisations that rely upon them for the deployment and recovery of equipment.
But he was overshadowed by the all-round e orts of Basit Zaman.
In Canada, names of critical care teams working outside the walls of the ICU include METs, RRTs and ICU ORTs. Different models are used to provide care for patients, depending on the team structure and service provided.
Orts directs studies that are revealing how cellulose-rich fibers from straw hold up during pulping.
In turn, cellulose is the basis for strong, biodegradable fibers that can be used for manufacturing, according to Orts. His team is determining the extent to which cellulose fiber from straw can be used in place of wood fiber or plastics derived from petroleum.
Our institute is the birthplace of ORT, and medical professionals from around the world come to Dhaka to be trained to administer this simple solution of sugar, salt, other elements, and water.
Issues with previous ORT programming efforts have included: (a) lack of knowledge by parents on recognition of diarrhea and the signs and symptoms of severe dehydration, leading to delays in treatment-seeking (7, 8); (b) poor training and knowledge retention on the dosage and uses of ORT (9, 10); and (c) reliance on manufactured ORT products and poor availability of those products (11).
The first phase will cover all the public areas, the casino, and two hotel towers with 500 rooms each," said Ort.