os penis

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os pe·nis

 (ŏs pē′nĭs)

[New Latin os pēnis : Latin os, bone + Latin pēnis, genitive of pēnis, penis.]
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The catheter got strucked behind the os penis and didn't pass beyond it.
As faces podem se insinuar nas fotografias, podem prometer suas presencas ao deixarem seus rastros em sorrisos ou em partes de olhos, mas elas nao aparecem de modo tao central e integral quanto os penis, que sao publicados em centenas de fotografias de perfis online.
Another related condition, "congenital human os penis," is also extremely rare, with only 1 reported case in a 5-year-old boy.[sup.1] Ossification of the penis is most commonly due to Peyronie's disease, a chronic inflammation of tunica albuginea that leads to penile fibrosis.