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Plural of os3.
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This came when he received Wednesday in his office the Ambassador of Algeria to Sudan, Ahmed Osar, on the expiry of his assignment to Sudan.
(14,93) In Guatemala, efforts to hold the government accountable for the implementation of reproductive health policies led the government and the Multisectoral Monitoring Group to create the Reproductive Health Policy Implementation Board (OSAR).
The women of Bashayer are also making an appearance in the Osar Al-Montega fair on Nasr City's fair grounds, which runs until 13 January.
Author Evan Osar begins by outlining many of the flaws in current rehabilitation and training programs and discusses more suitable paradigms.
Como has podido osar matarla en mi presencia, en mi corte, en la que se hallaba bajo mi proteccion, fuese cual fuese su demanda?'" (Malory 1969: 65)--no es mas que una de las hechiceras de la compania de la Dama original.