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1. The graph traced by an oscillograph.
2. An instantaneous oscilloscope trace or photograph.


1. (Electronics) the recording obtained from an oscillograph or the trace on an oscilloscope screen
2. (General Physics) the recording obtained from an oscillograph or the trace on an oscilloscope screen


(əˈsɪl əˌgræm)

the record produced by the action of an oscillograph or oscilloscope.
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Noun1.oscillogram - the recording produced by an oscillographoscillogram - the recording produced by an oscillograph
recording - a signal that encodes something (e.g., picture or sound) that has been recorded
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An oscillogram. Until one day she vanished from his life.
The oscillogram of the raw data is shown in Figure 4 and the oscillogram of the source signals after separation by the FICAA is shown in Figure 5.
Acoustic segmentations were conducted using different visual criteria on a spectrogram and oscillogram. Multiple scripting procedures were implemented in the analyses when no manual intervention was required.
Figure 3 shows a schematic representation of a male vibration bout throughout time and an oscillogram of a bout of E.
The oscillogram of output voltage on induction coil in the course of its free oscillation is shown in Fig.1.
We present a representative audiospectrogram and oscillogram for a selected 2.5 sec recording segment for each species.
Figure 3 shows an oscillogram of the phase discriminator output.
(Fault location determination based on measuring instantaneous value from the emergency events oscillogram)," ISPU Journal, vol.