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A highly stable, wavelike state of localized oscillations that develops in masses of small granular particles or of some liquids when lying on a flat surface that is vibrating at certain resonant frequencies.

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The signal of the oscillon, which appears as a pronounced peak in a background of a broad spectrum of gravitational waves, was calculated using numerical simulations.
Now that the shape of the oscillon's signal has been predicted, the next step would be to try and actually discover the gravitational waves they emitted using powerful detectors such as LIGO, which, in 2015, made the first-ever (http://www.ibtimes.com/gravitational-waves-discovered-ligo-detects-collision-two-black-holes-13-billion-2302405) detection of gravitational waves.
Physicists call these standing waves oscillons and believe they would have emitted gravitational waves that were so strong that they can, in theory, be detected even today.
Now, a team of researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland has taken a major step toward the discovery of these gravitational waves by calculating the precise shape of oscillons' signals emitted less than a second after the Big Bang.
Temam, "Time-dependent attractor for the oscillon equation," Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems A, vol.
Called an oscillon, such a tower periodically gives way to a complementary form--a dent in the bed of beads (SN: 8/31/96, p.
Wang, "Radiation of scalar oscillons in 2 and 3 dimensions," Physics Letters B, vol.
Nous oscillons sur l'Histoire comme des funambules.
I will concentrate on a particular case: the fragmentation of the inflaton into localized, long-lived excitations of the inflaton field (oscillons), which can end up dominating the energy density of the universe.
Stereolab - Oscillons From the Anti-Sun (Too Pure/ Duophonic) pounds 15.99Everyone's favourite Francophile lounge 'groop' return with a collection of singles and EP tracks - many of which are no longer available and increasingly hard to find.
Called oscillons, these features show up as a peak during one vibrational cycle and a crater during the next.
Precisely why oscillons emerge and how they maintain their form is not yet fully understood, Umbanhowar says.