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Plural of osculum.
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Nay, in the last capital, being, as it were, the cope-stone which our blessed founder placed on the pure and undefiled doctrine which he had enjoined, we are prohibited from offering, even to our sisters and our mothers, the kiss of affection ut omnium mulierum fugiantur oscula. I shame to speak I shame to think of the corruptions which have rushed in upon us even like a flood.
/ Illic innocui late pascuntur olores / et uiuax Phoenix, unica semper auis; / explicat ipsa suas ales Iunonia pinnas, / oscula dat cupido blanda columba mari.
114,9, dove Goldast riporta il suggerimento di Jungermann di leggere da oscula 'dammi baci, baciami' (cfr.
Os bracos nus da jovem messalina Cingem o padre, que, sorrindo, oscula A carne branca, aveludada e fina, Que lhe e dado gozar ...
Uxorem amplexus dat dulcibus oscula natis, qui patriis caligis substituunt soleas.
('Felicia prorsus oscula labiis impressa lactentis, cui virgineo mater applaudebat in gremio.
Mulciber, ut perhibent, his oscula coniugis emit Moenibus et tales uxoris obtulit acres.
Numerous round or oval lateral oscula 0.5-3 mm in diameter penetrate thin 0.5-0.8 mm walls of the specimen.
bolini in 4 species of sponges that share characteristics such as having large oscula (openings) or being cone-shaped, and we hypothesize that these features make them particularly suitable for egg deposition.