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a. The act of kissing.
b. A kiss.
2. Mathematics A contact, as between two curves or surfaces, at three or more common points.

os′cu·la·to′ry (ŏs′kyə-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
References in classic literature ?
And then there was that other--" but Turan, seeing a thousand or more years of osculatory memoirs portending, interrupted.
He made conciliatory noises--a species of clucking sound with his broad, flat lips--that were, too, not greatly dissimilar to that which might be produced in an osculatory solo.
In 'Paki,' the 'fearless senior citizens' are portrayed by Noel Trinidad and Dexter Doria-who not only act up a storm, but also engage in '28 seconds of torrid kissing' (somebody actually timed the osculatory orgy)!
Abid, Kamhawey, and Alsalloum (2006) divide the graduation actuarial methods into nine main blocks: graphical method, summation method, Kernel's method, the method of osculatory interpolation, the spline method, the curve fitting or parametric method, graduation by reference to a standard table, difference equation method and linear programming method.
When Ukip's new leader Diane James was forced to accept the unwanted osculatory attention of Noxious Nigel, she pulled a face that would curdle milk at fifty paces.