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a. The act of kissing.
b. A kiss.
2. Mathematics A contact, as between two curves or surfaces, at three or more common points.

os′cu·la·to′ry (ŏs′kyə-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
References in classic literature ?
And then there was that other--" but Turan, seeing a thousand or more years of osculatory memoirs portending, interrupted.
He made conciliatory noises--a species of clucking sound with his broad, flat lips--that were, too, not greatly dissimilar to that which might be produced in an osculatory solo.
Interpolating of fuzzy data was developed to simple Hermite or osculatory interpolation, E(3) cubic splines, fuzzy splines, complete splines, and natural splines, respectively, in [4-8] by Abbasbandy et al.
in particular, simple Hermite or Osculatory conditions, n = 2m, r = m, [k.sub.j] = 1 for all j:
When Ukip's new leader Diane James was forced to accept the unwanted osculatory attention of Noxious Nigel, she pulled a face that would curdle milk at fifty paces.