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n. pl. os·cu·la (-kyə-lə)
A large opening in a sponge, through which water is expelled.

[Latin ōsculum, diminutive of ōs, mouth; see ōs- in Indo-European roots.]

os′cu·lar adj.


(ˈɒskjʊləm) or


n, pl -la (-lə)
(Zoology) zoology a mouthlike aperture, esp the opening in a sponge out of which water passes
[C17: from Latin: a kiss, little mouth, diminutive of ōs mouth]


(ˈɒs kyə ləm)

n., pl. -la (-lə).
a small mouthlike aperture, as of a sponge.
[1605–15; < New Latin, Latin ōsculum <ōs mouth]
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promessa sponsale (l'osculum sponsalicium), lei gia sposata,
Nam manentibus in vita viris non modo decedunt, sed et alias eis utique ridentibus loco suo insinuant, adempto omni contactu usque ad osculum filiorum, et tamen durante usu perseverant in tali viduitatis disciplina, quae pietatis etiam sancta solatia excludit." English translation by Sydney Thelwall in Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol.
Poriferans intake microorganisms through their ostia that are captured by choanocytes and digested material is expelled through their osculum (Wehrl et al.
Se le denomina tambien beso de la paz (osculum pacis).
Se detiene en el osculum o en el immixtio manuum para descubrir su rol en ese simbolismo, o mejor, su papel en un momento del acto, ya fuera para corregir la desigualdad inicial de un gesto o para sancionar la entrada en una familia a traves de un parentesco artificial.
The water was drawn from a single osculum from each specimen over a period of 2 to 3 min to ensure that only the exhalant flow was sampled (based on preliminary measurements using the release of fluorescent dye to determine flow rates).
A fine, circular, about 5 mm high structure of small, loose spicules is situated above and around the main osculum of both specimens.
In August when the sponges were sampled, they were 0.5-0.75 cm thick and were beige (flesh) in color with identifiable surface osculum (Figure 1, top).
(8) Los rituales del vasallo y del amor se asimilan y asi encontramos actos como la Immixtio manuum, en la que el Senor toma entre sus manos las del vasallo; el volo, donde el vasallo expresa su voluntad y su fidelidad, y el osculum, beso de confirmacion de las obligaciones contraidas.
"I surf as much as I can," says the professor, who runs his own travel business and has written a book called 1,000 Tips and Traps for the Worried Well (pounds 14.99, Osculum Press).