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also os·set·ra  (ō-sĕt′rə)
Caviar made from the roe of either of two sturgeons, Acipenser gueldenstaedtii or A. persicus of the Caspian and Black Seas, having a yellowish or brownish color and a nutty flavor.

[From Russian osëtr, sturgeon (probably in its genitive form osetra), from Old Russian osetrŭ; akin to Old Prussian esketres.]
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(Cookery) a type of caviar deriving from the osetra sturgeon
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Every diner starts with a duo of smoked Scottish salmon roulade and warm blini with Osetra caviar.
An eight-foot-long, four-foot-tall ice wall with pockets for sushi; Petrossian Special Reserve Osetra Caviar at $6,000 a pound; and a four-course dinner with menu ingredients flown in from around the world.
To usher in 2017 is the Nobu New Year's Eve special seven course Omakase dinner, introduced by a 'zensai' of Vegetable and Quinoa Ceviche followed by the Toro Tartar With Osetra Caviar, Wasabi Soy And Kumamoto Oyster Duo.
Food & Wine magazine highlighted roe from [Sunburst] rainbow trout as a “bright and briny freshwater version of caviar” and a good alternative to Caspian osetra caviar.
1 tsp beluga, osetra or sevruga caviar, or salmon roe
offers various products at a range of retail price points: Osetra Caviar Premier 1 ounce ($190), 1.8 ounce ($330); Osetra Pressed Caviar Premier Glass Jar 2.2 ounce ($400); and Osetra Caviar Premier 4.4 ounce ($760), 8.8 ounce ($1480).
Energised after our thrill ride, we visited Osetra Bay, a venue which, in a clutch of Cayman fine-dining establishments, would prove to be our favourite.
The menu for the dinner featured a main course of dry-aged rib eye beef served with blue cheese, 12 varieties of potatoes and quail eggs, while the first course was American Osetra caviar, followed by a "winter garden salad", the Washington Times reported.
Each course of the five-course meal will be narrated by Jean-Guillaume Prats; dishes include golden Osetra caviar; slow-cooked braised beef ravioli with foie gras; cassoulet of lobster with duck sausage, tarbais beans, fines herbs and garlic fondue; Wagyu beef tenderloin with wild mushroom capsule, chorizo emulsion and black truffles; green apple caramel; fourmed'Ambert cheese with walnut toast, fennel marmalade, honey gelee and gastrique.
Simple everyday dishes adorned with expensive ingredients are becoming something of a trend; the latest installment comes from a small pizza chain: a $450 pie topped with lobster, black Alaskan cod and a side of Russian Osetra Caviar.
Wagyu beef, tuna toro and Osetra caviar have starring roles, and foie
The Breakfast in Bed package includes three nights' accommodation, breakfast in bed served with champagne mimosas, seven-course tasting menu at Osetra Bay for two, helicopter island tour of Grand Cayman for two plus a one-hour massage for two in Cotton Tree's spa hut.