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Requiring or tolerating conditions of high solute concentration or high osmotic pressure, as certain yeasts and other microorganisms.

[osmo(sis) + —philic.]

os′mo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.
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Parameters evaluation of fructooligosaccharides production by sucrose biotransformation using an osmophilic Aureobasium pullulans strain.
Omar (1994) showed a significant suppression in osmophilic fungi population due to bromoxynil and profenofos herbicides at 0.
This prevents the appearance of mold, yeast and bacteria, but is not low enough to avoid the contamination with osmophilic yeasts, those who can grow at a 0.
Ultrastructural study of the refractile material on our patient revealed irregular osmophilic debris measuring 1.
2) Hanai et al (13) noted in 1971 that inclusions from cultured fibroblasts of patients with ML II were different from those of patients with MPSs, the former less metachromatic by light microscopy and containing osmophilic membranous structures by electron microscopy.