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Requiring or tolerating conditions of high solute concentration or high osmotic pressure, as certain yeasts and other microorganisms.

[osmo(sis) + —philic.]

os′mo·phile′ (-fīl′) n.
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If the egg floats sideways, the sugar concentration is too high for brewer's yeast, although you could allow the must to ferment with the help of the naturally occurring, osmophilic honey yeasts.
Osmophilic microorganisms, such as molds and yeasts, present the greatest risk to the quality of the honey because they can survive in acidic conditions and are not inhibited by sugar (GOIS et al., 2013).
nov., a novel osmophilic acetic acid bacterium isolated from pollen," International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, vol.
(e) Ultrastructural examination shows osmophilic globular hemoglobin casts in tubular lumen (uranyl acetate and lead citrate fixation, 10,000x).
Parameters evaluation of fructooligosaccharides production by sucrose biotransformation using an osmophilic Aureobasium pullulans strain.
Omar (1994) showed a significant suppression in osmophilic fungi population due to bromoxynil and profenofos herbicides at 0.3 and 6 ppm concentration.
Medium osmophilic granules were also found in the rhodoplast digestive cells or cells adjacent to them, and these appeared to be starch grains (Figures 1(a), and 1(b)).