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Any of several ferns of the genus Osmunda, such as the royal fern, or formerly classified in this genus, such as the cinnamon fern, having bipinnately compound sterile fronds and separate spore-bearing fertile fronds. The fibrous roots of certain osmunda ferns were once widely used as a potting medium.

[New Latin Osmunda, genus name, from Medieval Latin osmunda, any of various ferns, especially the royal fern, from Old French osmonde, of unknown origin.]
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(ɒzˈmʌndə) or


(Plants) any fern of the genus Osmunda, such as the royal fern, having large spreading fronds: family Osmundaceae
[C13: from Old French osmonde, of unknown origin]
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Osmunda regalis Royal fern Beautiful stems arch from base, it's robust, likes dappled shade and acid soil.
Athryium nipponicum pictum (Japanese painted fern) Osmunda regalis (Royal fern) Dryopteris erythrosora (Autumn fern) Matteuccia struthiopteris ASK DIARMUID Q In June, a lady called Joyce Spurgeon wrote to you, asking you how she could stop cats leaving their mess her garden.
Mae'r rhedynen gyfrdwy (Osmunda regalis; Royal fern) i'w gweld yma ac mae hon yn eithaf prin yng ngogledd Cymru.
Damp areas with acid soil can also be transformed with a stand of the royal fern, Osmunda regalis, which has gorgeous brown fuzzy fiddle heads that unfurl to light green, airy fronds.
Cytological and proteomic analyses of Osmunda cinnamomea germinating spores reveal characteristics of fern spore germination and rhizoid tip-growth.
Osmunda Regalis, The Royal Fern has an almost prehistoric feel to its 2.5m majestic fronds.
Additional presentations will include: "Current application situation of medical device with plastics as main materials," Mike Gu, Osmunda Medical Device Service Group; "Covestro Makrolon polycarbonate technical solution for medical devices," Raymond Wong, Covestro Polymer (China); and "Clean room manufacturing in medical technology," Burkhard Stolz, University of Applied Science Amberg-Weiden.