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A heavy, coarse cotton fabric, used for grain sacks, upholstery, and draperies.

[After Osnaburg (Osnabrück).]
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(Textiles) a coarse plain-woven cotton used for sacks, furnishings, etc
[C16: corruption of Osnabrück, where it was originally made]
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Osnaburg fabric is a plain-weave fabric that's similar to canvas and has a traditional feel that complements the look of Hardanger embroidery.
The Type II wallcovering is made of low-VOC, 20-ounce vinyl on Osnaburg backing and is certified to the NSF 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering, www.versa
marching, dressed in rag calico, burlap, osnaburg, using foot beat to
Bemiston, Alabama, used high grade cotton for fine-quality sewing thread, and lower grade cotton to produce rolls of osnaburg fabric, twine and yarn-like thread, and heavy-duty Bemis A bags (fig.
Clothed in the traditional "Osnaburg" costume and standard jewelry that the rest of the women of the village wore, Harriet appears somewhat out of place, particularly in Saul's eyes: "His expression, as he sat watching her parade up and down in the shapeless roughspun Osnaburg with the bracelets like handcuffs on her wrists, was both amused and troubled" (Marshall 269).
The factory produced nine hundred yards of Osnaburg, a coarse cotton fabric used to make work clothes, sacking, bagging, and general purpose items, and one hundred bunches of yarn daily.
The failure was correlated with the paternalistic approach the proponent took, with decision making solely in the hands of industry and little consultation with the Osnaburg Nation (Doelle 1992).
The Committee traveled to Sioux Lookout, New Osnaburg (Mishkeegogamang), Attawapiskat and Moose Factory on a four day tour, September 20-23, 2004.
The Flower of Scotland pub, Osnaburg Bar or the Strathmartine Arms.
Two different heat-transfer harvest designs on a jacquard background have been extremely successful at Tobin, he added, as has an ivy pattern printed on osnaburg cloth.